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Van Lease

Commercial van leases and personal, passenger van lease contracts are often provided by the same company, though the contracts for merchant leases contain much more complicated and involved stipulations. Commercial van lease contracts often have lengthy, complicated clauses that define operational support issues and volume-related savings opportunities for the support of the customer’s business objectives. Passenger van rentals are more uniform, with rates dictated, for the most part, by the location.


Whether you lease a van or an car, comprehensive transportation solutions may prove to be the best avenue, especially when your business depends on it.  Commercial, or merchant leasing of a van or other delivery-type vehicle is often deeply discounted when you need a full-service lease contract.  Though there is usually a great amount of paperwork involved, such contracts prove, in the end, to be a great asset for the company.


The benefits of such contracts certainly far outweigh the benefits of owning your own fleet. Since the leasing company becomes involved in online fleet management, maintenance, roadside assistance, fuel management, and detailed customer service obligations, the leasing agent actually supports the client and her company’s use of technology, along with other tools of the industry.  By providing such services, the merchant van leasing company becomes a partner in the business, not just a van leasing company.


As with commercial van lease, personal van lease allows clients to enjoy a multitude of benefits. There is little doubt that leasing remains more economical and more efficient longterm.  Besides, leasing also affords the opportunity of switching out models when new technologies hit the market.  Most contracts also allow for liberal mileage, while some even forego any long-term commitment clauses.


Whatever the benefits may be, anyone who is considering the leasing of a van, whether for commercial or personal use, should consider carefully the contractual obligations of the lease.  Every company has its own lease contract, many of which have fine print that a potential customer should study in detail. Shopping around for the best fit can save resources and time in the end.

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